Musik Alben von „Runway 27, Left“

By (Erich Brandl)

1. Album - Artwork: Dom Kamper and Erich Brandl - Logo Design & Logo - by Dom Kamper - Cosinus Arts - Photography by Dom Kamper and Andreas Polster

Das Musikerduo „Runway 27, Left“ hat heuer – 2018 – das bereits dritte Album herausgebracht.

1. Album: „Weekend Warriors“
Performed by
Tony „Tone“ Kammerhofer – Vocals-Guitars-Spoken Voice on Track 12
Erich „Weissfeder“ Brandl – Lead Guitar-Bass Backing Vocals-Spoken Voice o Track 12
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Gatway Records Studi, Katzelsdorf/Austria/EU 2012
Recorded engineers: Werner Moitzi
All music and lyrics by Anthony Kammerhofer and Erich Brandl

Setlist: 01. Clean Slate
02. It´s All Inflated
03. Pressing On
04. Lines On My Face
05. Flawed And Flattened
06. Way More Than I Can Tell
07. Tex-Mex Food & Texas Blues
08. Flowers And Poppies
09. Weekend Warriors
10. Wrong Side Of Town
11. Johnny The Cat


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